You're about to go through a journey, not a singular event.

Your employees are all unique individuals with different personalities, skill sets, and experiences. Your company is a living breathing entity and there's so much more to the bottom line success than just the numbers. Let's take a look at that together. I specialize in using a psychological & motivational framework to help small companies & startups build practical solutions with real results: productive & balanced employees.

Monthly retainer programs are available and are the best way to consistently make progress & invest in your company.

Do these scenarios sound like your company?  If so, and you're ready to create actionable plans, read on...

  • Trying to create a great startup team and you can't find/hold on to good people?
  • Tired of employee drama? 
  • Leadership team burnout?
  • Distrust and lack of transparency throughout your company?
  • Team communication is like pulling teeth?
  • Employees reporting over-the-top employee stress? 
  • High turnover or employee absenteeism?
  • Employees have no concept what your company's mission & vision is?
  • Executives & managers who don't how how to 'manage' people?
  • Always missing deadlines and financially in the red?
  • Lacking the foundation & framework of psychology to create your personal development/mental health/emotional wellness technology or live programs?


* All services available via in-person or web meeting.