Are you sending university students abroad and want to make sure they know the difference between culture shock and mental health issues and…know where to go for help?

 As Melissa has studied & worked, lived on 4 continents, and traveled to over 40 countries, she is keenly aware of the challenges that individuals can face around their mental health whilst living abroad.

It’s all about starting the conversation, giving the permission, and helping students feel safe enough to speak up and ask for help.

Just as important, it’s important to inspire and educate your programme leaders and chaperones about mental health and mental illness so they know how to support the students they are responsible for abroad.

She has spoken at a variety of universities and was recently featured as a subject matter expert speaker at the Travel Risk Media Education Without Borders 2019 Conference in Manchester, speaking about how to encourage students to ask for help and how to support them whilst being abroad.

Melissa can be booked for keynote speeches for your study abroad student cohorts or your programme chaperones.

* Available in-person or via web