“I recently attended a conference where Melissa delivered a very engaging and insightful presentation on ‘Encouraging Students to Speak Up, Warning Signs, and How to Support Mental Illness Abroad’. Melissa’s style, in depth knowledge, and stage presence around this sensitive but current topic enabled the audience to really understand the issues surrounding mental health whilst overseas.”
— James Lawrence MSc, Director, Peregrine Risk Management
“Mel prepared and delivered an excellent learning session on the subject of mental well-being for 20 of our staff. The session was highly interactive and very imaginative in the way Mel delivered it: the 3 hours passed by remarkably quickly as all those in the room were fully absorbed in the session. I particularly liked the break-out conversations and using our own experiences to discuss how people can respond and help when someone is in distress. Mel also “read the room” very well; she was respectful of people’s boundaries and was strongly aware of the potential for some attendees to be uncomfortable. I think we all came out of the session feeling far more informed and also much better equipped to respond in real life. She was great to work with throughout the process; she is very friendly and personable as well as being focused on getting things done well. Her preparation was extremely thorough. Mel took the time upfront to understand what we wanted to achieve from the session. She then made time to go through the suggested content in advance and was ready to make changes if we had wanted (although she had done such a good job in preparation, we didn’t need any changes). There is a lot of generic training out there on the subject of mental health; what Mel provided for us was a long way from that. It was interesting, responsive to our wishes and highly interactive. If you are thinking of a learning event on mental well-being, I would strongly recommend Mel.”
— Adrian S., Director of Corporate Services & Business Development, London, U.K.
“Melissa was a pleasure to work with. She helped us review and revise our user onboarding flow, making sure we were asking the right questions and providing insights and comments from a psychological standpoint. The output was hugely valuable and Melissa’s working process was fantastic. I wish all consultancy briefs could be carried out as clearly and to a timetable as this one was. “
— Aidan Crawley, Founder of Circles, London, U.K.
“Melissa was instrumental in revitalizing our company’s culture, employee development, and organizational communication. Her dedication, tenacity, and insights were invaluable and the results from her work truly spoke for itself. She provided ground-up measures to assess, address, and create fundamental changes that have taken our company in a totally new direction. She was easy to work with, extremely self-driven, and accountable. I highly recommend Melissa for any small company that needs help in their employee coaching, leadership development, organizational culture, and communication arenas.”
— Dr. Ted S., CEO of health tech company, Pennsylvania
“Melissa is very organized and structured. Present her with a situation and she will dissect it and help you find a clear solution guiding you to a tailored action plan where you can see results within a week. There is also compassion and straight forward analysis in her guidance. No fluff. Before speaking to Melissa, I felt I was in a daze. I knew my skills, but I didn’t know how I could monetize or communicate them all while staying true to what I love. Thirty-five minutes into our first session, Melissa showed me a door, gave me the key, I opened it and saw immediate pathways to my success. She then helped me take methodical concrete steps where I was able to choose the pathway aligned with my new clear vision. The most important part about our sessions together was how she guided me through to immediate action and taught me how to advocate for my financial freedom. Melissa reminded me to check in with my truth and to give myself space to pause and to feel. I’m the driver of my journey, Melissa right beside me, and she gave me the GPS and courage to press the gas. There is so much power in that.”
— Deanne Ziadie, Social Media Influencer, Florida
“Melissa took our company’s poorly worded & executed online consumer survey and turned it into something that very clearly outlined what we were trying to achieve with our consumers. She used her background in psychological assessment design to make recommendations, redesign questions to maximize the impact of what we’re trying to accomplish, and correct errors she found throughout the survey that would impact our completion rates. Thanks to her help, we can deploy our survey to consumers, targeted agencies, and other entities with high professional quality and specific purpose of making a social impact. Melissa demonstrated the utmost professionalism along with her swift work practices which made her a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her services to other professionals needing her services.”
— Natasha D., Co-Founder of B & D Social, LLC, Jacksonville, Florida
“My company has been on fire since coaching with Melissa. The staff has never been happier and cohesive which allows them to shine both individually and as a group. All of our new stress management, goal setting, communication, and problem solving skills have translated into an unmatched patient experience and opportunities to grow the office.”
— Dr. Sandra D., Owner of Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center, Miami, FL
“Mel has been an amazing coach to me as I continue to manage the stress of some ongoing family difficulties and tensions. I leave each conversation feeling uplifted and encouraged. And while she approaches every session with a deep kindness, an empathetic heart, and an attentive ear, it never fails that she also offers incredibly practical advice about how to mitigate the stress of my situation. In short, she creates the emotional space to process deep hurts and struggles with a mindfulness towards proactive solutions. My emotional resilience has clearly grown as a result of her presence in my life, something for which I am very grateful!”
— Julia E., non-profit professional, Washington, D.C.
“Melissa’s energy is infectious, and she really knows her stuff. I can easily recommend her to anyone looking for enhanced motivation and stronger communication skills. But her real strength is understanding the balance that people and organizations need to thrive, and creating clear plans to achieve it.”
— Dr. David G., Psy.D., Founder of Psych Lab, Long Beach, CA
“Working with Mel, one of her strongest points is her ability to empathize. When I worked with her, it seemed like I wasn’t just speaking with her, but she was really putting herself in my position and working from there. She really managed to get into the issue that I was having and truly understand where I was coming from. Not only that, but she had a whole slew of stories that made me confident she could really come in and help me learn how to solve my own problems. I’d recommend Mel to anyone who needs an experienced coach who can really get to the root of the matter.”
— Lacey H., Certified Salesforce Administrator, Arlington, VA
“About three years ago, I was working in retail management. I had been stuck at the same level for two years and felt like I needed to make a radical career change. Melissa was somebody I consulted with to figure out the best path forward. We discussed what kind of work I was looking for, what I felt was a problem in my current position, and what I wanted from the next job I had. We evaluated several options, such as going back to school for a new master’s degree or pursuing a completely different industry. Melissa helped me make the decision to pursue tutoring, a part-time job at the time, as a full-time career. This decision has been life changing in so many ways, and I have Melissa to thank for helping me think through the obstacles I faced before pursuing it wholeheartedly.”
— Steve B., Owner of Byer Educational Consulting, Chicago, IL