You're about to go through a journey, not a singular event.

Positive vibes are coming your way - are you ready? A variety of coaching package sizes are available so you can find the right fit for you. Remember - this is a marathon - not a sprint. The more time you spend investing in yourself long-term, the more consistently you will make progress and strive towards success.

Personal Development Coaching: 

  • Shifting mindset away from negative self-doubt & assumptions
  • Breaking through personal barriers 
  • Navigating major transitions
  • Major goal setting & achievement
  • Developing resiliency & adaptability
  • Stress management & lifestyle balance
  • Self-Advocacy

Professional Development Coaching: 

  • Career clarity & fulfillment
  • Transitioning from employee to business owner
  • Soft-skill development
  • Developing managerial skills
  • Workplace conflict resolution
  • Self-advocacy in the workplace


  • Assessment that clearly defines your goals, milestones, & desired results
  • Coaching sessions are 45-minutes each
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Personalized worksheets
  • Sessions are available via Skype, FaceTime, or in person.