Interactive Workshops

Based on an analysis of your organization's needs, in-house customized sessions will be created and facilitated for your teams. Different workshops lengths available (2 hours, half-day/full-day or multi-day intensives).

Side effects include feelings of: inspiration, energy, and a strong willingness to change. 


  • Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Mindfulness at Work

  • Team Building Sessions

  • Practical Strategies for Stress Management

  • Redefining & Leveraging Your 'Failures'

  • Why Employees Quit Managers, Not Companies

  • Productive Communication

  • How To: A Guide On Mindfulness Meditation

  • Why Do Company Values & Mission Matter?

  • Achieving a Realistic Work/Life Balance

  • How to Build Trust & Accountability in Teams

  • Self-Advocacy in the Workplace

  • Managing Anxiety at Work & At Home

  • Guide to Progressive Muscle Relaxation