Hi! I'm Melissa Doman, M.A.

Master's level counselling psychologist, coach, consultant, and adventure traveler.

I take people from where they are to where they want to be with concrete steps & goals that produce results. You have the raw materials of what you need to be successful.  I'll help you find, hone, and unleash your skills so you can create real outcomes. 

I thrive on: 

  • Empowering people to realistically create the changes they want

  • Teaching small businesses how to practically nurture their best resource: its people

  • Constantly growing my 'countries visited' list (40 & going strong!)

I've lived throughout the world, traveled like a rolling stone, created a career I love, and I'm living an authentic life - with no plans of slowing down. Want to know how? It was simple:

  1. I stopped living in the abstract

  2. I isolated concrete goals of what was important to me & what needed to change

  3. I held myself accountable & took initiative

I've coached and counseled hundreds of clients that are now living as authentic versions of themselves. I've provided consulting for many startups, nonprofits, and companies that now have cultures & employees that are the best thing since sliced bread. 

my desire on fire to help people

This can be always being a natural helper, listening ear, and most importantly - a motivational cattle prod & mirror people can't look away from. I chose to embrace these natural tendencies and go on to get a:

  • Master's degree in counseling psychology: the science of the human condition, change process, and shifting mindset

  • Bachelor's degree in sociology & communications: the study of people & how they communicate

My education & innate traits made me realize I love teaching people how to:

  • Change their mindset so they can achieve their goals & live a fulfilled life

  • Inspire workplaces to create functional environments that nurture employees

Now - I do this work like it's going out of style. Unlike most coaches & consultants on the market, I have the formal clinical education & training that gave me the clinical and theoretical knowledge of how to create change within people from a scientific perspective. 

My studies and work have fueled me to pour my energy into nearly a decade of providing mindset coaching, counseling, employee career & leadership guidance, personal empowerment programming, startup team consulting, and interactive workshops for hundreds of individuals, startups, non-profits, and companies. I'm ready to be your partner in your discovery journey - ready to go?

Ready to get started?